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    Sommanat (Thai Meringue) - Happy Snack

    Posted by : Ploynita Chokpaiboon / On : Sep 22, 2023

    Sommanat (Thai Meringue) -  Happy Snack

    Sommanat:โสมนัส (TH) means happiness or joyfulness

    Our best seller Thai meringue is a perfect companion with your morning coffee or afternoon break.
    As a gift to a loved one it is a gesture of care and positive wishes.

    Sommanat is an ancient Thai dessert dating back to the Ayutthaya Era. It was discovered by Lady Maria Guyomar de Pinza by using leftover white (a core ingredient for Thai desserts). The making is similar to Western Meringue but with an Asian hint. The key ingredient is a toasted desiccated coconut which differentiates this snack from the traditional Italian or French. It is a favourite among our loyal customers.


    Sommanat in the oven

    When making Thai desserts, we normally use a lot of egg yolks in most of our sweets which means there are a lot of leftover white eggs. We discovered the old recipe of Sommanat and refined it until it was ready to be sell to the customers.






    Sommanat : happiness

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