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    Thong Noppakhun: prosperity

    Posted by : Ploynita Chokpaiboon / On : Sep 22, 2023

    Thong Noppakhun: prosperity

    Thong Noppakhun is a very rare ancient Thai dessert that even older Thai generations might never have heard about.

    Like most traditional Thai desserts, they have a long history and meaning. Back in the ancient ages, these traditional Thai desserts were limited to the rich and royal family for the special occasions as the required exquisite skills and efforts to make. 

    Thong Noppakhun is referred to Pure Gold, ‘Thong (ทอง:TH) means Gold’ in Thai culture it brings great fortune and luck. 

    Some might describe them as Thai cookies. I would say they are healthy cookies as they don’t contain gluten and are free from dairy, butter, are low in sugar, and have no artificial colours and conservatives. However, the making process is totally different to those western cookies.

    This dessert is worth preserving and should be treasured and more widely known. The key ingredient is that we use pure soya powder instead of the traditional mung bean paste for our Thong Noppakhun. We think it creates a better sense experience, with distinctive taste and natural earthy colour. The making process is very delicate and we carefully take every step to create the beautiful smooth texture. The next step is to dehydrate them for 24-48 hours to make them last longer, and finally we decorate with an edible gold leaf and a tiny drop of pure honey. 

    It has become my (Ploynita’s - HI JAI creative director) favourite treat, I have fallen for it from the very first bite. As being a big fan of everything Soya, this is the go-to snack that can be a thoughtful present for everyone I wish to show love and respect. It first impressed me from the look, then the smell and the taste. 


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